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Take care of yourself when you go through a divorce

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Mental Health and Divorce

A divorce is a stressful time in a person’s life, but it isn’t one that comes with much time to rest. You have to continue on with normal life, figure out how to meet life’s needs and work through the process of legally ending the marriage. Add in the emotional challenges and you have even more difficulties.

During this time, it is imperative that you practice self-care so that you aren’t in a bad spot as you embark on your single life. If you have children, they will see you taking care of yourself and know that this is important for everyone no matter what situation they have going on at the time.

Short periods can help

You don’t have to try to find the time to plan a whole weekend away. Instead, focus on finding small bits of time, even as little as 10 minutes, per day so that you can think about your goals and how you can meet them. Use this time to outline the struggles you are having and come up with a plan to address them. Use this time to relax and not to do tasks that you feel you are behind on.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Your mood might be a bit down in the dumps due to the divorce. Exercising and eating healthy might help you to feel better and more in control. As a bonus, you can use the time that you are exercising to think about your goals, as long as you are doing something that doesn’t require focused attention.

When you eat healthy foods, you are giving your body the fuel it needs to function. With mood boost that comes with exercise and the reduction in fatigue that can come with eating a diet that is good for you, things might improve considerably in your life.

Rebuild broken relationships

The relationships that you once had with loved ones might have suffered during your marriage. Take the time to rebuild the ones that are worth saving. These friends and family members might become some of your best supporters and confidants now that you are divorced.

Your finances might be a big source of stress. Think carefully about the decisions you are making in the divorce so that you can determine how you can benefit your life in California. Adding more strain to an already tight budget might not be a good idea.

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