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A written agreement streamlines co-parenting responsibilities

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Child Custody

In the aftermath of divorce, a major concern will be the welfare and continued upbringing of your children.

When you create an effective parenting plan, you streamline the responsibilities of custody and visitation to make the post-divorce world easier for children.

Parenting plan basics

In California, the courts call a parenting plan a “custody and visitation agreement.” It is a written guide to help you, the other parent and your children build and maintain a new family structure following divorce. The plan provides a schedule for sharing time with the children as well as an outline for making major decisions concerning their welfare, health and education.

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In terms of physical custody, your parenting plan should contain information about where the children should be on a day-to-day basis and where they should be during holidays and vacations. Explain which parent will take the children to their after-school activities or to medical or dental appointments. Also, explain your plans for transferring the children from one home to the other. As regards legal custody, state how you and the other parent will handle making major decisions concerning the children.

Signature and approval

After you both sign the parenting plan, it will be ready for filing with the court once a judge approves and signs it. Remember that your parenting plan can contain as much detail as you wish. However, it should also be flexible in order to accommodate any changes that occur in the lives of your children. The breakup of the family unit is difficult for children. An effective parenting plan will help them know what to expect and adjust to a new routine.

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