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Dividing intangible assets during a divorce

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Property Division

A divorcing couple will often struggle through numerous negotiations during the process. From determining the best parenting time agreement to assessing the division of assets, the couple will find themselves facing several layers of compromise before they can move on toward their new, independent futures.

When working through property division and the separation of debt responsibility, the couple will often focus on physical assets and real property. Unfortunately, there are many intangible, financially-oriented assets that must be addressed through the process, including:

  • Retirement accounts: These could take the form of a 401(k), a pension or company stock options, but individuals often work hard to ensure future financial stability. A divorcing couple might find dividing these assets include several layers of complexity.
  • Deferred compensation: Many organizations often include deferred monetary incentives. While the employer often pays out deferred compensation when the employee retires, the plan can include an earlier fixed date. Whether they are tied up in stock options, savings plans or pension plans, these intangible finances are significant.
  • Digital currency: Whether these are cryptocurrencies, online shopping rewards or accumulated airline miles, the couple must often figure out how to split thousands of dollars in online-only currency.
  • Military benefits: A military career leaves an individual with numerous benefits including payment, medical care, education benefits and home loan benefits.

During the property division process, the couple must make a careful inventory of all assets and debts. Once the assets have reached an agreed upon valuation, the divorcing couple must set about ensuring an equitable split. Using these assets, each party can begin building their financial stability for an independent future.

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