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Where to live during a divorce

by | Mar 11, 2022 | High Net Worth Divorce

If divorce is in your future, you may be wondering where to live during this tumultuous time. Especially if you have children, this decision is an important one.

Even if your marriage has reached an end, you have options when it comes to where you will stay. A divorce professional can work with you to figure out the most optimal living situation.

Sharing the marital home

Although you and your partner are splitting, it can still be amicable. If you two get along, staying put is a fiscally responsible option. This arrangement, though, can be rough if your space is smaller. This tactic works best when you have a spacious house.

Splitting time between the marital home and another location

Another option is dividing your time between two residences. If you are lucky enough to own a vacation home, trade living quarters. For those without, renting an apartment could be an appropriate solution.

Living with family members

There is no better time to lean on family for support. Ask if you can stay with someone you trust for the duration. Do the right thing by offering to perform household chores in exchange for lodging.

Buying a new house

Maybe you know that the burden of moving will fall on your shoulders. Speed up the real estate buying process and place a bid on the bachelor or bachelorette pad of your dreams. If your offer goes through, you can start moving in while getting a divorce.

Deciding where to rest your head as you complete your divorce requires perspective. Consult with someone who can help you make the wisest choice.

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