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Considering Divorce? What Are The First Steps?

Making the decision to end a marriage is one of the toughest you may ever make. From our initial consultation, we will break the process into manageable steps and help you through them in a timely manner. Our goals are to protect your rights and help you achieve your goals as you move forward.

Since 1997, the Law Offices of David M. Lederman has helped clients in Contra Costa County and throughout Northern California from our Antioch and Moraga offices. Our experienced lawyers have established record of success over more than 20 years in both simple and extremely challenging divorce cases. Call 925-522-8889 or email us to discuss your case.

What to Expect From The Divorce Process

From the start to the end, there will be times that emotion and frustration will cloud your decision-making. It can happen to anyone, but having an experienced attorney can ensure that these moments do not translate into costly mistakes.

The same basic legal procedures apply in dissolving a marriage or a registered domestic partnership. Initial questions relate to residency. Have you lived in California for six months and Contra Costa County for at least three months? Filing a petition and summons formally starts the process. Some of the next steps may include:

  • Seeking immediate court orders related to temporary child custody, visitation, property or restraining orders
  • Filing a response
  • Attending a voluntary settlement conference to resolve issues and possibly reach a stipulated judgment
  • Proceeding to trial when significant issues cannot be settled

Negotiate And Settle; Mediate, Or Litigate

When issues related to the division of property and assets or custody of children cannot be resolved, a judge will decide them for you. We can often avoid a court trial, but we won’t hesitate to litigate aggressively when it is required to protect your rights.

Schedule A Consult

The divorce process takes time. Once you realize marital dissolution is probable, it is best to talk to a lawyer sooner rather than later. We are ready to assist you in the initial stages and through all phases of your case. Call 925-522-8889 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys to begin the dialogue. You can also reach us online.