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Is co-parenting without conflict possible?

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Mar 4, 2021

In the aftermath of divorce, figuring out how to move on and parent effectively may prove challenging. Navigating the waters of single parenthood may feel impossible, especially immediately following the split.

Co-parenting is the ideal way to raise children after divorce. The ideal is that two parents can put their differences aside and rise to the occasion of remaining amicable for the sake of their children. While this may seem more like a dream and not a possibility, there are some things newly single parents can do to make co-parenting more possible.

Communicate in writing

Tensions following a divorce may run fairly high for a time. If the proceedings were especially contentious, it may take longer for former spouses to converse without fighting. One way to start co-parenting is by communicating only in writing. Utilize text, direct messaging apps or email to talk about issues with the children or changing the schedule. This practice may eventually give way to phone conversations, but it should help keep the tension away.

Follow the parenting plan

A couple creates a parenting plan as part of the divorce. It is a critical document to get right since it provides the guidelines each will follow regarding the children’s care. Over time, the parenting plan will evolve as children get older. Co-parenting may prove more successful if each parent abides by the parenting plan adopted by the court.

The marriage did not work for one reason or the other. It does not mean that co-parenting has the same fate. Some parents find that ending the marriage gives way to a better relationship down the road. Staying patient while navigating parenting after divorce is critical to keeping your children and your sanity on a successful path.

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