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Some things don’t change after divorce if you have children

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Oct 16, 2019

The process of divorce requires you to go through some major changes. Your romantic interest in your ex is over and you have to learn how to move forward with your life. You might not feel prepared to handle the challenges that are coming if you share children with your imminent ex.

Some of things that you associate with divorce might not happen if you have kids together. Being prepared for these when the process starts can help you to address them so that you are able to continue to move forward.

Your circle of friends may change

The people you thought would be in your corner during the divorce might not stick around. Some friends think they have to choose between you and your ex. This can make it harder to adjust to the new single life, but you will have to move past this.

When you have children, it can be more challenging to deal with having a smaller circle of friends because you might need someone to call to watch one child while you take another to the doctor or similar situations. What you will soon find is that the people who stuck around through the divorce are the ones you can truly count on. This can instantly make the future seem a bit brighter.

You still have contact with your ex

You need to focus on the children and what they need now. You can’t do that if you are stuck in the past. Instead of thinking about all the ways your ex failed as a spouse, you need to look at the ways they succeed as a parent. This can help you as communicate about what your children need because it keeps the conversations centered on the children.

When you are talking with your ex, always keep things respectful. Never fall into the habit of being rude or demeaning. Try to avoid conflict, but not to the point where you are allowing your ex to walk all over you.

The parenting plan that you have set should reflect your child’s current needs. Both parents should be able to turn toward the document to get answers to questions about the child custody arrangement. As your child gets older and their needs change, you can modify the parenting plan.

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