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Breaking the news of your divorce

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Jan 11, 2021

It feels very personal when you share the news that your marriage is coming to an end and you and your spouse are filing for divorce. When you are unsure how your loved ones react to this difficult news, it might feel like you can never tell them.

To lessen your stress during this already emotional period, make sure to plan ahead how you will break the news.

When should I share the news?

Before you share your divorce with distant friends and family or on social media, those closest to you deserve to know first. When you feel comfortable enough, have personal conversations with each of your children and very close loved ones who you regularly speak to.

If you can, coordinate with your children’s other parent on how to explain your changing family dynamics as young minds benefit from honest conversation.

How can I make the announcement?

If you still communicate cordially with your ex, try to coordinate how you will break the news of your divorce. This might make things more efficient as you likely are close to the same friend group and relatives.

The announcement itself does not need to include very personal details. Rather, the more simple and respectful is better, even if your divorce is messy.

Your ex’s attorney might use your social media posts as evidence in your case, avoid damaging your reputation by posting too much divorce information online. Now is really not the time to air your grievances to the world.

Overall, you may benefit from planning exactly how you will announce your divorce to those in your life.

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