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Family Law Blog

The Law Offices of David M. Lederman offers a wide range of blog posts to guide you through the divorce process and help you navigate the complexities surrounding challenging family law issues. Read our blogs below.

High Asset Divorce: What to Consider Before Filing for Divorce Read More

High Asset Divorce: What to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

If you are ending your marriage in California, you may want to become familiar with.

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Where to live during a divorce

If divorce is in your future, you may be wondering where to live during this.

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Stock division in California divorce

Couples looking to divorce in Antioch and the surrounding areas likely have several highly valued.

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How retirement assets are divided during a divorce

California law states that community property acquired during a marriage is evenly split 50-50 during.

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What can cause a divorce to last for years?

California has one of the most prolonged divorce waiting periods in the country. The law.

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3 “hidden assets” not to forget during a divorce

When you navigate a California divorce, you may concern yourself first with dividing up big-ticket.

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What happens to airline miles during a divorce?

Whether you travel for work, pleasure or both, you may have accumulated thousands of airline.

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Understanding how the court splits property in divorce

One of the most polarizing issues when a couple divorces is dividing property. Spouses may.

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Breaking the news of your divorce

It feels very personal when you share the news that your marriage is coming to.

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Where should you live during the divorce proceedings?

When your marriage is ending you face emotional trauma, but you also deal with practical.

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Adjusting your retirement plan after divorce

When you and your ex married, you may have started to set money aside and.

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6 signs your spouse may be committing financial fraud

Going through a divorce is never an easy experience. If you are half of a.

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