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Divorce For Owners of Newer Businesses

When you own a company or professional practice, there are often more complicated issues in divorce. Business startups, professional practices and family companies all pose unique challenges in property division. Splitting a business as an entrepreneur or established business owner may not be practical. You may need to consider a buyout of one spouse’s shares. In some cases, the sale of the business or professional practice becomes necessary. Preparing for divorce as an entrepreneur involves hard decisions for both family finances and business operations. It may be hard to keep emotions at bay when personal and business interests collide. Nursing strong emotions going into business matters can lead to costly mistakes. As much as possible, you need to consider the divorce as another business transaction and take action accordingly.

Assess Your Business’s Debts And Assets As You Approach Divorce

We can help you do this. Turn to us when divorce and business growth are concurrent issues in your life. We have a successful record of resolving issues of debt and asset division for California entrepreneurs. The Law Offices of David M. Lederman in Antioch and Moraga has guided business owners in Contra Costa County through complicated divorce cases for almost two decades. Call 925-522-8889 or inquire online to schedule a consultation about your business.

Determine The Characterization and Valuation of Your Business Property

When was the business started? The answer to this question may factor into characterizing property as community or separate. Did you start the business before your marriage, but it only took off when your spouse started helping with sales? We can help with complicated property division issues and tracing separate assets. How much is the business, startup or professional practice worth? This is often a tough question for entrepreneurs and their spouses. Our attorneys carefully review all business assets and debts, and work together with other experts when necessary to place an accurate valuation on the business.

Turn To Trusted Legal Professionals For Advice And Help

For answers to questions about how divorce will affect your company, speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers. You need to continue to focus on your business; let us take over the legal issues. Set up an initial consultation at our Antioch or Moraga office by calling us at 925-522-8889 or sending us an email.

If one spouse has sacrificed a career to allow the other spouse to advance in a career, this may result in a spousal support order. These can be highly complex and contentious cases. Our firm has experience in this area of the law and will work to protect your rights and interests.

Once it has been awarded, the level of spousal support may change if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. In this situation, our firm can go to court to seek a modification in spousal support.

Whether you're seeking temporary or long-term support, our skilled attorneys will fight for your rights and interests. We understand the complexities of spousal support cases, especially when career sacrifices are involved. We can evaluate your unique circumstances and guide you towards the best decision for your future. Don't let your spousal support be left to chance - contact us today and let us use the law to obtain the appropriate support level for you. Your financial security is our priority. We can help you obtain a fair spousal support award.

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