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Spousal Support

During and after the dissolution of a marriage, one spouse may be required to pay spousal support to the other spouse. Often called alimony, spousal support may or may not be mandatory.

Types of Spousal Support in California

There are different types of spousal support depending on the situation and circumstances:

Temporary Spousal Support

Upon separation, the court may award temporary spousal support to one spouse. The amount will be determined by guidelines in the law and will be based on income, living costs and other factors. Note, however, that the earliest date the court may make a spousal support order is the date that the party seeking support makes his or her request to the court by filing a motion.

The Law Offices of David M. Lederman will use the law to obtain the appropriate spousal support level for you.

Long-Term Spousal Support

Unlike the provision of child support, the court has wide discretion in the awarding of long-term spousal support. It will base its decision on fairness and equity. A skilled attorney can influence this decision by providing evidence and argumentation in the client’s favor. If you want to include spousal support as an element of the overall settlement, our firm will work to achieve that for you.

Alternatively, a couple can opt out of long-term spousal support altogether. It may make sense to negotiate a particular property division settlement that includes a buyout or buy-down of support rather than an ongoing spousal support payment. This decision will hinge on financial considerations, the effect of taxation and the personal preferences of the spouses. We can evaluate your situation and help you make the decision that is right for you.

If one spouse has sacrificed a career to allow the other spouse to advance in a career, this may result in a spousal support order. These can be highly complex and contentious cases. Our firm has experience in this area of the law and will work to protect your rights and interests.

Once it has been awarded, the level of spousal support may change if a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. In this situation, our firm can go to court to seek a modification in spousal support.

Whether you're seeking temporary or long-term support, our skilled attorneys will fight for your rights and interests. We understand the complexities of spousal support cases, especially when career sacrifices are involved. We can evaluate your unique circumstances and guide you towards the best decision for your future. Don't let your spousal support be left to chance - contact us today and let us use the law to obtain the appropriate support level for you. Your financial security is our priority. We can help you obtain a fair spousal support award.

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