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6 tips for co-parenting as you go through a divorce

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Apr 27, 2017

You and your ex-husband are in the midst of a divorce. Because you have children together, you can’t just pretend like he doesn’t exist. Instead, you have to see him on a regular basis.

You might have a temporary child custody agreement that is in place until the final order is issued. Whether that’s the case or not, you can take some steps to make co-parenting your children a bit easier for you and your children. Consider these tips:

#1: Focus on your children

Keeping the focus on your children helps to prevent negative feelings about your ex from creeping up. Your children are going through a rough enough time right now because of the divorce, so there isn’t any reason for you and your ex to make things any more difficult.

#2: Handle problems in private

When there are issues that you and your ex need to resolve, do so in private. Don’t argue in front of the children. Don’t bring the children into the middle of things or ask them to act as a messenger. Don’t air our your frustrations out on social media.

#3: Be willing to compromise

The key to co-parenting is to compromise. Things might not always go your way, but you have to do what is best for your child. Remember that your child comes first. Even if you don’t get your way, you should still try to work things out for your children.

#4: Relax when everyone is together

There will be times when you and your ex-husband have to be in the same place at the same time. Often, these are special events for your child. Birthday parties, school functions and extracurricular activities are some of the events you might have to attend together. Take this time to enjoy your child. There isn’t any sense is making a spectacle of yourself during the event by allowing your ex to get to you.

#5: Don’t hold grudges

No matter what your ex did that caused the divorce, don’t hold grudges. These can make it hard for you to think clearly as you try to work out arrangements for your child. The divorce is the perfect time to start anew with how you and your ex interact.

#6: Keep your ex informed

Let your ex know when there are events that he might want to attend. Your child will appreciate having both parents at these events, so don’t let your desire to ignore your ex lead to your child being disappointed.

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