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How can you reduce the stress of every divorce?

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Jan 15, 2020

Divorces come in a variety of forms. Some people get along through the divorce process and work toward the common goal of ending the marriage. Others just can’t agree on anything, so everything becomes a battle.

No matter which type of divorce you’re in, ensure that you’re doing what you can to reduce the contention and lessen your stress. Determining your steps will depend on your unique circumstances.

There are two areas that often lead to the most trouble: child custody and property division. In both of these areas, you have to think about the final goal in order to develop your plan.

What’s the goal of your case?

For most people, the goal of a child custody case is to have an agreement that enables the children to thrive and become secure adults. The key is that every decision must be in the best interest of the children.

The goal of most property division matters is to set yourself up on the best footing possible for your new life. In order to do this, you need to be willing to put your emotions aside and focus on everything from a practical standpoint. The division of assets can have a profound impact on your financial standing in the future so look at the long-term effects of the options you have before making a decision.

How is your case being handled?

If you are going through mediation, you have a say in what happens. You have to learn how to compromise with your ex to come to agreements about every matter at hand. One way that you can increase the chance of this happening is to keep an open mind about each decision and offer that’s put on the table.

People who are going through a divorce trial will need to focus more on the planning phase of the case. Being prepared can reduce the stress so that you are able to focus on showing their side of the matters.

How might social media impact the divorce?

Social media posts can have a big impact on what happens in these cases. Some people opt to take a break from social media during their divorce. If you opt to remain active, remember that perception matters.

For example, if you post a picture of yourself on a yacht, it might be perceived that you’re hiding assets if you’re claiming to be financially ruined. Take the time to think about how each post might alter how the divorce is handled.

Taking the time to learn about factors that impact your divorce can reduce your stress level. Be sure to find out what options, rights and responsibilities you have so you can make decisions appropriately.


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