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Technology Corner : The New Society – Issue 3, 2018

The New Society

Senator Orin Hatch to Mark Zuckerberg during his Senate Testimony: “How do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your services?” Mark Zuckerberg to Senator Hatch: “Senator, we run ads.”

Soon after this exchange, Facebook rolled out 2 new apps called Workplace and Work Chat. Think of these apps as a Facebook writ small. Corporate level small. Business owners can create a Workplace for the company, or in my case, my law firm. Users are limited to those on the company’s domain.1 Thus, I invited all my staff to our Workplace. Work Chat is essentially the chat app companion to Workplace, similar to Facebook Messenger. I like Workplace and Work Chat. It serves as an additional way to create organizational community. We are a team. We can post items of interest to everyone else in the office (or to specific individuals) and the whole team can be involved. These posts do not get sent out to the Facebook universe but are restricted to our company Workplace universe. It is a universe I can control and an environment my staff can feel comfortable to be involved in, knowing that it i