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Family Law Blog

The Law Offices of David M. Lederman offers a wide range of blog posts to guide you through the divorce process and help you navigate the complexities surrounding challenging family law issues. Read our blogs below.

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What Happens to a Jointly Owned Business in a Divorce?

In many California divorces, spouses are not only dissolving a marriage but also evaluating how.

How to Protect Your Assets Before and During a California Divorce  Read More

How to Protect Your Assets Before and During a California Divorce 

In many California divorces, each spouse often has a special affinity for keeping certain assets.

Understanding the Division of Assets in a Divorce Read More

Understanding the Division of Assets in a Divorce

Aside from children, there is likely no other divisive, contentious element of a California divorce.

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Reasons to keep the home until after the divorce

Many couples aggressively seek a resolution to property division and the assignment of debt responsibility.

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How to divide stock options in a divorce

In California, stock options granted to a spouse during a marriage are community property. The.

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Can a tax return uncover hidden assets?

It is not uncommon for a married couple to amass significant property and financial assets.

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3 obstacles to a smooth division of property

For many divorcing couples, property division is a complex process. From assigning everything a proper.

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Dividing intangible assets during a divorce

A divorcing couple will often struggle through numerous negotiations during the process. From determining the.

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The difference between community property and separate property

One of the most complicated processes in any divorce proceeding is dividing up the marital.

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Your divorce, your house and capital gains taxes

If you are like many Californians, your home is one of the more valuable assets.

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Valuing stock options in a divorce

If you own stock options as a benefit from your employer, your spouse may receive.

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How property division works in California divorce

Dividing marital property in a divorce can be quite complex, especially for long marriages in.

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