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Planning for single parents of special needs children

by Law Offices of David M. Lederman
Apr 16, 2019

Raising a child who is medically complex is challenging even when there are two parents in the home. When you are figuring out how to do this, you need to think about various components. Even though it might seem like things will be impossible now, you do have options to assist you.

It might benefit you to take time to make your plan as early in the separation as possible. Not only can this help you to find your new normal, it gives your child a chance to make adjustments in a planned manner. This can help everyone involved minimize stress and find ways to make the new way of life in California work.

Try to involve your ex

Even though you and your ex aren’t together any longer, keeping them involved with the kids can be beneficial. Not only does this shift some of the responsibility to them, it also lets your children know that they have a full support system. It helps them to know the normal routine so they can continue with it when necessary.

Talk to your child’s care team

Your child’s care team needs to know about the divorce. The changes can sometimes impact the child’s conditions, so letting the care team know what’s going on can help them to address issues that creep up. This is also a good time to discuss notifications, such as which parent should be contacted about important matters.

Find time for yourself

Taking care of yourself is the only way to ensure you can care for your child. Try to find time for yourself, even if it is only short spurts during your day. One option is to do things for yourself and relax when your ex has the children. In some cases, you might need to take time to work on planning for the future and finding ways to enjoy your new life.

Make time for your other children

One aspect of special needs parenting as a single parent is that you have to make time for your other children. You might be able to enroll your special needs child in enrichment or respite programs that provide you with a chance to do this.

The alternative is to work with other family members to find out if they mind going into rotation with you so that all the kids get individual time from the adults who are important in their life.

Make sure that you have an appropriate parenting plan in place. This should outline who is going to make decisions, financial matters of raising your child and a schedule for parenting time. Remember to think about your children now since the agreement can be modified as their needs change.

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